Before you begin filling out our application, please take a second to review expectations for our incoming and current members:

Potential members should be aware that while we understand that the definition of 'celebrity' has become more fluid, we expect that the celeb you apply with should have a Wikipedia page and/or easy name recognition.

The mod team reserves the right to evaluate applications on a case-by-case basis. Your username should be a reflection of your celebrity's name, either given or stage. It should not contain numbers, underscores, or additional letters.

Upon applying please have:
∙ At least one (1) icon loaded
∙ A future-dated friends-only post*
∙ A future dated screened post for out-of-character contact*
∙ Visible userinfo details (noembed codes are not allowed)
∙ Timestamp marked no older than 1 week
*Please ensure that the month and date reflect your application date to avoid removal. If you're not sure how to do so, please check out this easy reference.

We require at least two examples (one of which must be a substantial written entry). Please post these in a filtered journal entry and ensure you add the mod journal so that your examples are visible to the mod team. these should accurately reflect your current writing style. if your example includes images, make sure they're still hosted.

We will allow a maximum of one challenge (2 applications) per celebrity. Acceptance will be based on which writer is determined a better fit for the current community culture.

If you find your application was deleted, your character was not accepted as we did not feel you would be a good fit for the community at this time. Please be aware that acceptance into the community in the past or as a different celebrity does not guarantee acceptance. All applications are evaluated individually. We will not answer questions about rejections from applicants or current members.

All recently added members must post an introduction in interest within 3 days of being accepted. We also ask that you reply to at least 50% of your introduction comments within one week of posting it. Failure to do so will result in removal.

effective 05/01: in order to maintain your role in the community, you are expected to post one substantial entry per month. What is considered a Substantial update?
∙ A post that is, at the minimum, 100 original words.
∙ A moodboard/multimedia post with at least five photos or substantial original captions.
∙ A playlist/mix that contains at least five links.
∙ Any combination of the above.

please be considerate of other members and utilize cut tags for posts that contain large fonts, tables, multiple graphics, and/or substantial amounts of text. stretching out the page can break layouts, making it difficult to navigate friends pages or block other's posts.

How we will be tracking activity:
∙ in order to help us ensure that you are meeting your activity requirements, we will be keeping track of updates using a chart located here. updates will be completed on a weekly basis, please make sure you are reviewing to confirm your update has been checked off the list.

∙ removals for inactivity will take place on the 1st of the month.

∙ in addition to completing the above, friends lists will be reviewed during mid-month. any member with a friends list that is 2 or more weeks out of date will be removed. to avoid being removed for outdated lists, we recommend that you run the button with each set of adds as much as possible.

Note: Removals by request, failure to complete intro requirements, or for other reasons, will take place with adds when necessary.

∙ if something comes up and you are unable to complete your activity requirement, please use the members only post to communicate with the mods. we are here to help.
Update Passes can be used to skip your activity requirement at your discretion. to utilize a pass, you will need to post an update with the words "update pass" visible. comments may be disabled on an update pass if you so choose.
Updated passes are granted to the members of the communities as follows:
∙ One during your birthday month
∙ One delivered to ALL members in January
∙ One delivered to ALL members in July
What happens if you are removed for inactivity:
if you are removed for not meeting the activity requirements and choose to reapply, you are expected to reapply with a substantial update already posted in your journal.

We ask that all returning members post an interactive post on the friends page within 5 days of being added back rather than an intro. If you are removed three (3) times in six (6) months for intro failure or inactivity, you will not be permitted back with the same role. No exceptions.

We would like interaction and activity to be focused on the friends page. While we understand that Wire is a great way of keeping in touch with people and building interpersonal relationships, this is not a Wire driven community and as such there will be no Group Chat or Wire name list sanctioned by the mods. We acknowledge that we can't stop its use entirely, but it is important to note that it in no way will be viewed as being an active part of this community.

Think of it this way: Wire and Customs can be used interchangeably, but it does not replace or meet your monthly activity requirements. Please ensure that you are diversifying and making everyone feel welcome and involved on the friends page itself.

final notes
The mod team is committed to maintaining a safe environment for everyone to write. We recognize that not all members will connect and there is always a chance that conflict may occur, but please always lead with kindness and respect for your fellow members of the community. If you feel that you are unable to resolve a conflict yourself for any reason, we encourage you to reach out to us.

while we're all adults, we also recognize that sometimes people are eager to spoil the fun. to help combat this, we recommend that you update your comment preferences to ban anonymous and/or journals that you are not friends with from commenting on your journals. you can adjust your personal settings here.

Any reports of IC/OOC line blurring, members logging IP addresses or disrespecting another writer's privacy in any way, or of someone being purposely excluded from group activities will be investigated by the mods and may result in removal. Additionally, we have zero tolerance for the following: hate speech, racism, bigotry, and plagiarism. Be kind, it's not hard. We also ask our members to be mindful of mentions regarding real life tragedies and losses.

Use your best judgment and use trigger warnings when appropriate. If you're unsure, ask us!

as always, the mod team reserves the right to make adjustments to our rules as the community evolves. any sizeable changes will be announced community wide if needed.